Swedish fashion brand

World of INES is a Swedish fashion brand.

World of INES is a Swedish fashion brand.

World of INES design is created by Pernilla D Litzén. She has a long and solid background in textile design, product development and production. Her great passion for developing sophisticated materials and her strong sense of craftsmanship and style are important starting points for building a new fashion brand.

With her predilection to theatre, literature and art, she has created an alter ego. “INES is a sophisticated epicurean who loves clothes and fashion and enters any room with an explosion of charisma and appetite for life”, she says. It is with INES as the role model that Pernilla creates her clothes.

The vision of World of INES is to design and offer affordable luxury clothing that can be worn one season to the next but always with a distinct fashion edge. The aim is to design feminine and individualistic clothes in small volumes, with a French touch when it comes to details, colours and prints, while design, style and craftsmanship are truly Swedish. World of INES clothes are to be used and loved for many years.

World of INES starts up small but with a dedicated goal to expand with a growing range over time. With small series and responsible volumes, overproduction is avoided. This creates not only an attractive pricing but also uniqueness for the customer wearing an INES garment.
“It will be an exciting journey for me and INES. I really look forward to meeting all new people who visit us and will become our friends in the World of INES,” says Pernilla.

The first drop of the World of INES is blouses and dresses made of luxury silk twill, designed with joyful, good looking, yet sophisticated print. The silhouette of the styles is clean and timeless.

“Some might say that prints can’t be timeless, but I want to say the opposite. If the print breathes personality and integrity, it can live for ever”, she conclude


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