INES wakes up every morning with a smile and meets the day with curiosity and an open mind. 

INES always has a friendly word for everybody. 

INES can stay in bed for a day, drinking Champagne and reading Simone de Beauvoir and Émile Zola. 

INES can say “listen to the birds”, and then actually listen to the birds. 

INES can dance for a whole night until the sun rises. 

INES can sit in an outside café for hours, having coffee and fantasizing about the people passing by. 

INES laughs loudly, hearty and often to the various madness of life. 

INES approaches every person in her own nearness with big spirit and energy. 

INES doesn’t care for showing off with clothes and shallowness but when you look a bit closer, she always has that impeccable style that makes you think, “how does she do it?”. 

INES is generous to herself like if there is no tomorrow…because…why shouldn’t she! 

INES… well… we all have a bit of INES in us. Don’t we?

Welcome to the World of INES! 


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Welcome to World of INES

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