Our production

World of INES strives for perfection when it comes to the selection of material, detail of work and fit.

The vision of World of INES is to design clothes that will be used and loved for many years. This requires a strong focus on quality control and a high level of knowledge in the design process. Another important part is to give our customers the right care advice to maintain quality and durability.
Our internal quality work is based on a well-developed and highly detailed quality manual which is given to and signed off by all our suppliers. It includes requirements for both fabrics and accessories, as well as production requirements regarding sewing and dimensions.
World of INES Quality Manual is based on various Global, European and National textile standards. All standards listed in our manual are based on ISO (International Organization for Standardization), CEN (European Committee for Standardization), SIS (Swedish Standard Institute), BSI (British Standards Institution) and DIN (German Institute for Standardization).
In accordance with Swedish and national legislation as well as EU legislation / REACH we have a list of requirements that describe limited or prohibited use of certain chemicals, which is also attached to our quality manual. This list must be read, signed and followed by all our suppliers. To ensure that our products meet these chemical requirements, we perform continuous tests and samples.
We have had long-standing relationships with our suppliers and visit them frequently to ensure quality levels and to discuss and follow up their work with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), which is and always will be an ongoing and developing work. The strategy for CSR is always a collaborative process based on our quality manual and our code of conduct.
World of INES wants to encourage conscious and sustainable consumption. We believe in investing in fewer high-quality pieces with a long-term approach. When you buy a World of INES garment, it should be a conscious choice.
Our choice of fit, style and print flows between seasons. Today we live in a global world. Partly because we travel a lot, but also because we can easily reach our customers all over the world through the digitalisation. Summer or winter are not of the same importance anymore.
World of INES aims to create fashion in smaller series. We believe in responsible stock volumes and a thin production model. By this we avoid overproduction and create pricing conditions that are valuable for our customers.


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